Registered Nurse Salary

Registered Nurse Salary

Registered nurse is a highly demanding profession in the medical sector. Registered nurse salary is one of the highest average salaries. The majority of RNs claim to have higher job satisfaction and very less turnover due to stable job roles and other employee benefits.

RN provides a wide range of services in terms of patient care and administrative duties. Therefore, RN must have extensive knowledge on healthcare in order to assess, advise and promote good health care routines to patients and to provide necessary advice and emotional support to patients and their family members. Besides, many RNs chose to specialize in a specific interested area to provide better care for patients as well as to open up more opportunities in nursing career.

As discussed in earlier, you can obtain the general RN license in three methods.

  1. Complete Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree – 4 years
  2. Nursing Diploma – 2/3 years
  3. Associate’s Degree – 2 years

In general, hourly rate of registered nurse varies from $26.75 – $44.11, based on criteria such as experience, specializing area, work place and location. Although, an average entry level RN makes around $35.03 per hour along with $5.63 hourly tips. All together RN salary would sum up to a total pay of $51,158 – $96,030 including a bonus payment of $950.


Best Earning Registered Nursing jobs


Dialysis Registered Nurse

A dialysis registered nurses are RNs who specialize in the process of dialysis. Dialysis is the procedure of cleaning the blood of patients who have kidney issues. They monitor undergoing treatments and perform assessments of the patients before and after treatments. Dialysis registered nurses can be seen in hospitals, private medical centers, home care or dialysis centers.

This is a position with high demand and excellent wages. Any registered nurse can become a dialysis registered nurse by following the necessary clinical practice. However, unlike other nursing professions, job experience does not effect for the growth of salary as much.

Average hourly rate $30.79
Hourly rate $25.20 – $38.80
Overtime rate $29.75 – $58.32
Bonus $484.30 – $6,000
Total pay $52,562 – $83,228


Oncology Registered Nurse

Oncology registered nurses specialized in cancer treatments. They deal with mostly chronically or critically ill cancer patients and it is considered as one of the highly stressful professions in the nursing career. Mostly, oncology registered nurses work in hospitals in an oncology ward. Other than that, they may work in medical offices, ambulatory care centers or in private physician’s office.

They assist oncologists and other physicians who provide health care treatments to patients. Also, oncology RNs provide moral, emotional and mental support for patients and their family members for fighting against cancer.

In United States majority of oncology, RNs are females. The average salary of the entire RN group is $31.40 per hour. More details are listed in the below table.

Average hourly rate $31.40
Hourly rate $23.21 – $44.3
Overtime rate $3.79 – $68.17
Bonus $0.00 – $2,985
Total pay $48,630 – $91,780


Post Anesthetic Care Unit Registered Nurse

Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) nurses are specialized RNs who provide intensive observation and treatment of patients who have undergone anesthesia. This profession requires expert knowledge, excellent thinking and communication skills. PACU nurses can be seen in hospitals, surgical centers, and dental clinical centers.

Once you obtain the license to work as a RN, can also be your career in Post Anesthetic Care Unit. According to PayScale, with experienced PACU nurse can earn up to $43.44 per an hour. Additional information is as below.

Average hourly rate $30.92
Hourly rate $23.68 – $43.44
Overtime rate $25.46 – $62.35
Bonus $259.12 – $5,128
Total pay $49,159 – $93,627


Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse

A neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) registered nurses are specialized in taking care of premature or sick new born babies who require constant care throughout the day. They are highly trained to work in the neonatal intensive care due to nature of patients. NICU registered nurses usually work on variety of shifts that vary from eight to sixteen hours and often considered one of the exhausting RN positions. However, it is an exceptionally rewarding career with excellent wages.

Average hourly rate $30.36
Hourly rate $23.33 – $44.69
Overtime rate $11.00 – $69.41
Bonus $394.53 – $9,123
Total pay $48,193 – $95,972


Travel Registered Nurse

Travel Registered Nurse can be working in any specialized area on temporary basis to fill temporary vacancies in hospitals or other places. Other than nursing diagnosis, assessments and health care, travel registered nurses are required to update physicians/doctors on timely manner. This job doesn’t require additional qualifications other than RN license and has an opportunity to travel around the world while working. In return, they receive an attractive salary and in most cases a medical insurance.

Median hourly rate $31.36
Hourly rate $19.05 – $48.92
Overtime rate $29.59 – $68.67
Bonus $503 – $5,960
Total pay $45,235 – $106,546


Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse

ICU registered nurses work in ICU at hospitals to take care patients who are in critical conditions. Due to the nature of the patients, ICU nurses are required to be more focused, careful and thorough on their job than other medical staff in ICU. Also, ICU RN has to work around the clock to provide necessary health care to patients.

Usually experienced nurses more likely to work as ICU RNs rather than newly graduated registered nurses. Therefore, they are also among the other highly earning RN professionals.

Average hourly rate $29.34
Hourly rate $22.97 – $42.98
Overtime rate $12.75 – $61.11
Bonus $487.67 – $11,074
Total pay $47,924 – $93,245

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