Nursing Students Earning Opportunities

Nursing students earning opportunities

Nursing students are undergraduates who follow Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).Nursing students often start working in hospitals or clinics as part of their degree program. However, most of the time student nurses get paid a low hourly rate or no payment at all. Because it is considered as a learning methodology rather than a job.

Nevertheless, there are some opportunities that nursing students can gain more experience as well as to earn some money to support their education and living. We recommend you to consider these prospects before getting into a part time job in a non-related field.


Summer camp nurse assistant

The minimum requirement to become a summer camp nurse assistant is to obtain a first-aid certificate or CPR. Meaning any nursing student can apply and get appointed to this position.

As the assistant, you will be closely working with the summer camp nurse and it is a great opportunity for students who like to pursue their career as a pediatric. Under the supervision of the camp nurse, you can help with daily medications, public health, and health education related activities organized by the staff. At the same time, nursing students can enjoy the companionship of campers and make new connections.



There are no specific requirements to become a transporter. They usually receive a certificate while on the job. Therefore, this is a great, first part time job for student nurses.

As a transporter in the healthcare industry, you get to see inside out operations of the hospitals. If you are social and like interacting with various people, this would be a great opportunity for you. Most of the time, you can talk with patients and improve interpersonal communicational skills.

While on the job, you will be coordinating with doctors, nurses and other medical staff to move patients throughout the hospital/s. This includes moving patients on stretchers, hospital beds or wheelchairs to various departments or even to help them out when patients are discharged.

According to PayScale patient transporter receives an average of $11.04 per hour with the hourly rate varying from $9.04 to $15.32. Total payment differfrom$18,923 – $32,782 including bonus and over time payments.


Dietary Aide

Again, dietary aide positions don’t require specific qualifications other than a high school diploma.

Dietary aides prepare meals for patients according to restricted recommendations administered by doctors.Dietary aide position is not only limited to hospitals. As a student nurse, you can begin your work at any convenient place that requires dietary aides; including assisted living facility, in outpatient care or local health departments.

In the United States, dietary aide makes an average of $9.53 per hour. Hourly rate changes from $8.00 to $12.54 based on location, employer, and experience. Dietary aide can make a total payment up to $26,985.


Monitor technician

Minimum requirements for monitor technicians are varied according to employers. Usually, most monitor technician positions require a high school diploma or an EKG certificate.

Monitor technicians work in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the hospital to monitor heart rate of patients. As a monitor technician, your duty is to look for irregularities or patterns in the heart rates and inform nurse or the physician at the ICU. This is an ideal position for those who want to be a cardiac nurse down the line.

The average hourly rate for monitor technician is $13.61. Based on experience, monitor technicians earn $10.23 to $18.37 hourly rate and the total payment of $21,412 – $39,870.


Personal care aide

Most personal care aide positions don’t require specific qualifications. Although, it is recommended to have some experience with first aid and CPR.

As a personal care aide, you get to deal with mostly mentally ill or mentally abused patients. You can provide comfort and support to patients by shopping, preparing meals or paying bills.This experience enhances your interpersonal, communication skills and improves the ability to recognize various problems related to patients. Also, this is a very rewarding job opportunity for any nursing student can get into.

Personal care aides can earn $8.40 – $15.26 per hour and average payment of $10.27 per hour in United States.  Individuals in this line of work make around $17,213 – $33,772 of total payment.



As an orderly, you would receive on-the-job training, as this position doesn’t require any other entry level qualifications.

Orderly job role has a wide range of duties and it can help you gain experience with overall operations of the hospital. You may answer call signals, determine patient needs, and sanitize rooms and equipments according to standards of the hospital as well as escort patients for medical treatments at various departments.

Orderly earns an average hourly rate of $10.93 which can be varied from $8.26 to $16.65. In this profession, experience does not affect the payment as much as it does in other jobs. However, this is not irrelevant unless you want to continue in this career path.


Environmental services tech

Environmental services techs usually do not need any education past a high school diploma.

Cleanliness and sanitation are critical components at a hospital to maintain a high quality environment for patients. As an environmental services tech, your job is to protect vulnerable patients through sanitization practices in order to prevent further spread of diseases.

An Environmental Technician earns an average wage of $15.13 per hour which varies from $9.95 to $21.50, mostly based on state and experience. An individual can earn a total payment up to $52,658 including bonus ($352.94 – $5,120),Overtime ($17.31 – $33.59) and profits etc.

The nursing profession is expected to grow by about 19% between 2012 and 2022. So, these connections you make while working can have a significant influence on your nursing career. Also, as an undergraduate having a job can be a huge financial support to your studies. It can be exhausting sometimes to practice nursing at a hospital and to work at another place.  At the end, you could graduate as a nurse with a lot more experience and expect advanced financial benefits in return.



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